Wits Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Wits Login:


Detailed and User Friendly Steps for Logging into WITS:
1. Your first step is to copy & paste or type into your browser address bar the following: https://wits.williamsvillek12.org/data/WITS . Or you can click the link directly.
2. In the box under the WITS logo, type the username you set up with your account into the text box next to "Username".
3. Directly below the username box, type the password you previously set up into the text box next to "Password".
4. Click the gray "Log In" button at the very bottom of the login box in order to complete the Login process.


Not Able to Login?  Check Out These Instructions for Resetting Your Login Credentials:
1.Click the blue link that says "Parents, forgot your password?" directly at the bottom of the login box.
2. In the text box next to "E-Mail", type the E-mail address that is associated with your WITS account.  Please notice the note at the top of the screen that only parents have access to this service.
3. Click the gray "submit" button directly under the box, and then check your email, because you will receive a new password in your mailbox.


Still Having a Rough Time Logging In, or Are You Experiencing Other Technical or Non-Technical Difficulties?  No Worries. Contact Williamsville Central School District to Speak directly for One on One Help: 

Submit an Inquiry through their Contact Us Web Form


Telephone Support - 716-626-8000

Write a Letter
Williamsville Central School District
105 Casey Rd.
East Amherst, New York 14051-5000

As with any website, the Wits Login Page is likely to change, experience problems, or go through updates.  We will be doing our best to keep up with changes and update our instructions.  So we urge you to bookmark this "How to" article so you can easily refer back to it and stay up to date. Good Luck!